The price of the closed sky

Morning. My Ukraine will never forget this terrible morning.

On February 24, at 5 am, the whole of Ukraine, all of my country, woke up to explosions, fire, and gunshots. The russian federation has launched hostilities on Ukrainian territory: missiles, shelling, bombing, columns of enemy vehicles - all of which were moving across our independent Ukrainian territory.
Kateryna Davydkova
Coordinator of SD Platform
Postgraduate student of KNEU
Ukrainians in panic, fear, with tears in their eyes understood that the War had begun, in which we never believed. We did not believe that the crimes of the Second World War could be repeated, that a real genocide of the Ukrainian people could be committed, that infrastructure, orphanages, schools, hospitals could be destroyed, maternity hospitals bombed, civilians and children killed.

We did not believe that it was possible!

But russia has done it.
I never thought that at the 21st century, I would think about waking up alive in the morning!

Didn't think that the question "How are you?" and the answers to them "We are alive", "I am alive" will be used daily, and the morning it is the greatest happiness for people, because it is another morning that you survived, thanks to our Armed Forces of Ukraine.
I didn't think the alarm clock had found a new sound - an air raid siren.
I didn't think that children would sing the Ukrainian national anthem in bomb shelters instead of lullabies in warm homes.
I didn't think that more than 6.5 million Ukrainians would be forced to go abroad because of the Russian invasion.
I didn't think that in front of children, the war will take away parents, and parents will never see their children!
I didn't think that more than 400 children would be affected. And more than 145 children will die. These are the children who dreamed of a happy and carefree life, which they will no longer have!
I am writing my story about the War at the 21st century, about the War that took thousands of lives, about the War that divided life into "before" and "after", about the War that turned the world upside down and united nations, about the War that will be studied in schools and which will be talked about for centuries, about the War in my homeland - Ukraine!
The russian occupiers resorted to various ways of attack: disguised in the uniform of the Armed Forces, killing Ukrainian residents in search of food, robbing civilian cars, firing on residents queuing for bread, rocket attacks on oil depots, gas stations, TV towers… They fired on Babyn Yar in Kyiv, the memory, history, pain of our country, known for the mass shootings in 1941-1943 by the German occupation command during World War II.
Imagine that on the 12th day of the War, 1,335 peaceful Ukrainians fell victim to russia's armed aggression: 474 civilians were killed by the occupiers, and another 861 were injured. Now the numbers are many times higher.
More than 1,300 missiles were fired by russia at my country!

The photo shows the village of Markhalivka in the Kyiv region. Igor Mazhayev, 54, stands on the ruins of his house. He lost his wife and 12-year-old daughter in a rocket attack.
russians shoot evacuation columns of civilians. Women and children are being shot. Educators of orphanages, kindergartens and schools are being killed. They mercilessly shoot civilian cars. The russian military shot educators of an orphanage in Mykolaiv region, who went to rescue colleagues, as a result of this attack three educators were lost, two more - are wounded.

The 13 destroyed and more than 246 shelled hospitals are also someone's lives taken away, because that's how the right to treatment was taken away. Six medics killed and 16 injured…
In Gostomel, russians shot dead Yuriy Prilipko, the head of the Gostomel community, and volunteers Ruslan Karpenko and Ivan Zorya for distributing bread and medicine to people.

The occupiers killed 80-year-old Mykola Mamchur, who refused to feed them. A Ukrainian pensioner was shot dead right on the doorstep of his house.
They are shelling humanitarian aid points with Hurricane missiles. And they use phosphorus missiles - this is a chemical weapon! And ballistic missiles are constantly fired from the territory of Belarus.

Below is a photo from the Kharkiv region, the occupiers shot the girl and her grandmother, they found them under the rubble of a bombed-out house.
Each story of Ukrainians is unique and unlike any other. Each of us has experienced the pain that is engraved in our hearts. Read what the children of Ukraine say about the war:
Vitaliy, 6 years old, Kyiv: "Mom, I'm worried about the war. Tell me, what exactly can I do to win? And should our military let putin have a barbecue as soon as possible? "
Yegor, 8 years old, Brovary: "Mom, what day is the war today?
Sixth. It seems that not 6 days, but 6 years have passed… "
War is blood, tears and irreparable losses every day.

6-year-old Milana had to become an adult in an instant when her mother died in front of her. On February 28, the child's life was divided into "before" and "after". At that moment, the family was near Gostomel in the Kyiv region, the rocket hit just a room where all the people were. My aunt tore off her foot and had to amputate her leg to the knee. The others received shrapnel wounds. But Milana's mother, Diana, was not the luckiest. She died in front of her husband and two children.

Milana also suffered. Shrapnel damaged the lower extremities, the greatest damage was her right foot. Okhmatdit specialists have already performed several surgeries on the girl and continue to care about her.
And some children were never born. Many pregnant women are injured or stressed.
And in Mariupol. And what about Mariupol?

The occupiers brutally shot the maternity hospital.
Mariupol, this city is a hero! It has been kept under siege by the russian occupiers for 22 days, more than 2,600 Mariupol residents have died because they had no water, food or heat. The russian aggressors bombed the Drama Theater in Mariupol, around which were written the capital letters CHILDREN, it was a bomb shelter where people were hiding. About 300 people died!
ussian villains in various Ukrainian cities killed men and raped women in front of their children. In Mariupol occupiers raped a woman for several days in front of her 6-year-old son, and she later died of her wounds. Her young son's hair turned gray. This is fear, how can that be? This is not a horror movie. Rape, violence, murder - this is what the "russian world" stands for. There are not enough words to describe the pain! Inhumans must be punished.

The russian aggressors have created a real humanitarian catastrophe by preventing any transport aid, violating all humanitarian corridors. They violated all agreements in negotiations between the countries. These "non-humans" repeatedly fired on civilian buses and cars during attempted evacuations. Wounded, crippled children are in intensive care. Rocket wreckage is removed from the bodies of little angels!

russia is a killer country! We will not forgive this, russia must answer for everything!
russian troops have already damaged more than 4,500 homes, 100 businesses and more than 400 educational institutions. More than 900 settlements are completely without light, water and heat.
The russian army does not fight, but kills civilians!

Journalists, historians, TV presenters from America, Great Britain and the EU were killed by the russian occupiers.
What are the children guilty of !? The occupiers are cynically killing Ukrainian children.
Alice from the Ukrainian city of Okhtyrka, she was not even 8 years old. She died during the shelling along with her grandfather, who covered her with his body.

18-month-old Kirill from Mariupol was taken to hospital by his parents under fire. But the doctors could not do anything.
Mariupol. This girl's name was Tanya Moroz, she was not even 7 years old. This morning, she and her mother were killed by the russian occupiers when they tried to storm the city under the guise of a "humanitarian corridor."

Sofiyka, 6 years old. She was shot in a car with her two-month-old brother, mother, grandmother and grandfather. The family tried to leave Nova Kakhovka, and russian troops came to meet them.
More than 145 children died! How many more children must die for russian troops to stop firing?

Hundreds of children die in basements, bomb shelters without food or medical care. Occupiers continue to shoot families and volunteers who attempt to help or evacuate.

How many people will have to bleed or starve for russia to stop destroying civilian vehicles and humanitarian aid?
How many people will have to meet these scoundrels, murderers, looters?

The retreat of russian forces around Kyiv has left horrifying evidence of atrocities against civilians littered across the region's suburbs and towns.

Nearly 300 people have been buried in a mass grave in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, near Kyiv.

Below is a photo, horrific evidence of atrocities against civilians. russia has come. The earth will never forgive you for this! Mothers of russian soldiers should see that. See what bastards you've raised. Murderers, looters, butchers.
I am writing this article on the 31st day of the war, with bitter tears in my heart, because innocent people die every day. The war is being fought on the territory of peaceful Ukraine, which has always valued the principles of democracy and human supremacy, which has always been on the side of human freedom!

We Ukrainians are trying to reach the hearts of America, Great Britain, Europe, Asia! Listen, watch, help!

We feel the support of the world: Stand with Ukraine, charity concerts, financial aid, sanctions against Russia, military weapons and equipment, shelter for Ukrainians and humanitarian aid. We thank the volunteers from all over the world who came to help Ukraine win!
But russia does not stop firing, it insidiously fires rockets every day, kills people!

The world has heard about Ukraine. We are watered with military hail, but we are standing. We are covered by cruise missiles, and we stand. We are being fired at with tanks, but we do not give up. We go to the tanks with our bare hands. We are fighting with Molotov cocktails against the Russian occupiers who want to capture Kherson, Gostomel or Kharkiv.

Many didn't believe that we had such strength that we were not afraid. And what about panic, hopelessness, fear? We don't feel it. The war took away those feelings. We feel the strength, the strength of the Ukrainian nation. We feel responsible for our country. We feel each other's support. And everyone is in their place: someone is protecting the sky, someone is making Bandera strips, someone is delivering humanitarian aid, someone is psychologically helping children, and someone is fighting in social media, as fact checking, so that the world will see what crimes russia is committing in real!
I appeal to all the media of the world, to the indifferent people of other countries, to international organizations, to youth associations, to politicians! Tell this terrible truth: russian invaders are cynically killing our children, civilians, and they are doing it deliberately, shooting to defeat and deliberately attacking humanitarian aid.

Evil never stops. If it is not stopped, it will come to every European home. An international tribunal should be held over putin and russia's top leadership, as they are to blame for the war in Ukraine. Every crime of the russian federation is documented, the country - the aggressor will answer for everything!

We have to help each other. Today russia is committing genocide in Ukraine. And what she will do tomorrow, no one knows! Tomorrow she can aim a missile at Europe!

Please support Ukraine, speak, write, stand for peace in the world! Stop the russian occupiers, stop russia, stop russian fascism, stop Nazi putin!

I believe in my country! I love Ukraine! We will win! The Ukrainian people will stand to the end. We must hold on, because we are strong, because we are invincible, because we are Ukrainians, because Ukraine is only one

Glory to Ukraine!
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