21 May, 2018

Participants of the international conference – representatives of European think tanks, partner organizations and trade union movements, public leaders, activists of SD Platform, taking into account the survey presentation «Trade unions in Ukraine. What do we know about them?», speeches and comments from two panel discussions «Trade unions and political parties/movements. Is there a need for cooperation?», «Ideology. Policy. Positioning.» note:

27 February, 2018

Participants of the Forum are the activists of  SD Platform, public leaders, representatives of think tanks, partner organizations and trade union movement, after the presentation of NAVIGATION "Ukraine can be better" from the speeches and comments of the three panel discussions "Politics can be better", "Economy can be better", " Social protection can be better " are noted:

12 February, 2017

This overview is the part of the research done by the Institute for Democracy and Social Progress aimed to analyze the current situation of social democracy in Ukraine

12 February, 2017

Very often European social democrats interested in Ukraine ask about situation with social democracy and sometimes don’t have a possibility to receive an impartial reply which in its turn provokes existence of some myths.

In order to avoid this let’s try and dispel several myths about Ukraine.

12 December, 2016

In this booklet our reader may become familiar with the standing of social democracy in Ukraine and together with the authors to try to forecast the prospects of its importance taking into account a wide range of aspects that influence the current political agenda.

Excursus to recent past of Ukraine will give some insights on how complicated the situation with social democracy is. 

Syndrome that associates social democracy with the Soviet past still persists in Ukrainian society. 

Social democracy is still feeling the need to obtain independence so that society could promote new executers of their principles and do it consiously. 

31 July, 2016

The interview with European experts of training for the development of the social democratic values in Ukraine.

AS you may know, the Institute foe Democracy and Social Progress (IDSP) is a partner for several European foundations that promote social democratic ideas. In the frameworks of one of the projects delivered in Ukraine there was a training dedicated to social democratic values promotion in Ukraine. Foundation of Max van der Stoel (the Netherlands) and the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS, Belgium) performed as the partners of this event. Activists of the Social Democratic Platform who were the participants are to keen on cooperation with European colleagues.

01 March, 2016

One more month has passed. It means that the second issue of the SD Digest has to be published!

Here are following articles for your attention:

  • Social entrepreneurship in Ukraine: a dream or a necessity?
  • Non-existing vector: the ideology of populism
  • ...
01 February, 2016

Prepared by coordinators and activists of the Social Democratic Platform, the first issue of analytical publication – the SD Digest – was released.

You can find analytics, announcements of events and review of the SD Platform’s activities. A quality content and a nice design provide you with a portion of information about current events backed by qualitative visual materials.

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