Forum of progressive people "Ukraine can be better" – done!

Форум прогресивних людей «Україна може бути іншою»

February 24, Forum of progressive people from SD Platform "Ukraine can be better" – done!

We presented the "Navigation": a new vision for solving key problems in the political, economic and social spheres.

It is the answer to another request, which, despite the dominance of #treason and #victory, is nevertheless traced in Ukrainian society.

Short version:

The thoughts of the authors of navigation – is not the truth in the last resort. However, they certainly deserve attention and further discussion.

This is our common response to gray and mundane!

This is navigation on the way to the best of Ukraine!

And this is a new stage in the development of SD Platform.

Changes begin with an individual attraction. We are sure that the seeds of rationality, which we sowed together with the participants at the Forum will bring us closer to another – better Ukraine!

What's next?

We already have a plan. We need to pack our navigation (to interest, to convince, to spread) and, most importantly, to defend our right to another politics, economy and social organization! There are a lot of work, but we have already chosen a road of active actins!

Interested? Ready for action? Join now!