Summer #SD_CAMPUS 2016

5 days, 5 sleepless nights, 20 community members and 20 trade unionists, 10 trainers, 75% of practice and 25% of theory, a way out of the comfort zone, foreign speakers and unusual formats – this is how Summer #SD_Campus 2016 can be described briefly: Innovative ideas, effective campaigns .

At the same time the program inspired and excited: the participants were immersed in the intricacies of SMM and the work of the media, discussed the key issues of Ukraine and the world, practiced an interview on camera, talked over the German experience of social policy, got to know about the basics of the trade union work, had a course of the social democracy history and learned to work in team!

Soon we will post the final resultsof the teams’ tasks, the first stage of the developed campaigns, on the Social Democratic Platform’s page.

Form a trend, be with #SD! We are willing to change and be changed.

Join us!