SPD party convention in Rhineland-Palatinate, 9-11.12

On 10th of December, the SD Platform’s team together with the representatives of the social democratic parties and movements in Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and the Russian Federation was invited to the annual congress of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD Rhineland-Palatinate) - one of the most popular and influential political party in Europe, which history goes back to 1848.

The congress was held in an important industrial and economic center of Rhineland-Palatinate – Ludwigshafen. In this region, the SPD is a leader over 50 years, which significantly affected the political and economic life of the territory.

So about what are disputing the German social democrats? About problems which modern Ukraine is trying to overcome! About the unprofitable state enterprises and controversial issue of their privatization, the growth of radical mood in society, the private interests of some politicians and their desire by populism get support. However, the difference between Ukraine and Germany is that despite the existing contradictions, statesmen do not forget about the needs of ordinary people, the importance of progress and development. So, for the next year the SPD has developed a large-scale improvement programs in the region and improving the comfort of life of its citizens.

You can read about the result of the congress and all meetings in the next issue of our SD Digest!