SD Club: Kharkiv is on the geopolitical map of the world

Since early March, within the walls of the oldest university in Kharkiv, Vasyl Karazin Kharkiv National University, a working atmosphere is boiling. The SD Club: Kharkiv is gaining momentum on the geopolitical world map!

Exciting discussions, purposeful participants, working groups, which each time are getting closer to understanding the basis of world geopolitics.

International students, interns, students, lawyers, sociologists - everyone was able to learn a lot of interesting things for themselves!

As a result of a fruitful joint work, the guys studied the following questions and theories: states as living organisms; the eternal confrontation between the states of the sea and land; world crescents and world islands; the heart of the world...

To many subjects and political strategies the curtain of secrecy was ajar.

The activists will meet again to continue the series of geopolitical #SD_Clubs.

Be in trend - be with SD!