First Eastern European Regional Academy for Social Democracy

On 20-26th of November was held the first Social Democratic Academy of Eastern Partnership organized by FES Regional Office "Dialogue Eastern Europe".
25 young leaders from Ukraine, Germany, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Russia took part in the international event, passing the selection from more than 400 applicants. The representative from the Social Democratic Platform become a member of the coordinating board of Dmytro Duma.

The program was very intense: meetings with politicians of different levels, government officials, representatives of the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany), JUSOS (Young Social Democrats), as well as intense strategy group work.
As a result, a unique network of cooperation between the progressive social democrats of Eastern Partnership countries and Germany was created.

The mission of the Eastern Partnership Academy is promoting quality political change through regional dialogue and cooperation between the participating countries on the basis of the social democratic values.
International solidarity in action! It is only a beginning!